Families impacted by domestic violence face so many challenges, but accessing help shouldn't be one of them. By supporting SSFS, you are helping deliver real frontline change to the people who need it most. We provide crisis response, safety planning, court advocacy, caseworker services, support groups and education & therapeutic groups - all with the goal of helping families heal, grow and flourish.

"I just want to say a huge Thank You. You have guided me through a very difficult time in my life, and I am a stronger woman because of you! You have shared your knowledge, opened my eyes, given me an awareness I never had before and most importantly help me to put my focus back into my boys. You helped me remember who I was and now the game has changed."

Sutherland Shire Family Services support local families impacted by violence in a number of ways – from court advocacy & support for AVO matters, to caseworker services and safety planning. We also run Domestic Violence support groups, and specialized therapeutic groups for safe caregivers and their children. All our programs are accredited, trauma informed and evidence based programs meaning we only deliver high quality programs that support our client’s physical, emotional and psychological health.

It’s easy to believe that in the Shire we are immune from such tragedies, but disturbingly, there are over 4,000 reports to local police each year for domestic violence matters in our catchment areas, there are, on average, 10 families EVERY DAY that need help. Just last year, The Family Co. helped over 1,800 local women and families seeking help and support.

Of course, these services, while provided to our clients for free, cost money to provide. SSFS employs qualified social workers, psychologists, family therapists, mothercraft nurses, educators and other skilled welfare workers to deliver these programs to clients. To supplement our limited recurring Government funding, we often apply for grants from private and government sources, but also rely on the generosity of our community and fundraising activities to ensure the sustainability of our services.