The Family Co. offer a dedicated Family Support Worker for Sutherland Shire & St.George based defence families, providing assistance to families facing difficult circumstances who could benefit from extra support.

One of the programs we offer is called "Coffee & Connect" - and it's a regular gathering of local Defence families in an informal and relaxed setting - designed to help connect local families with people facing similar Defence specific circumstances.

Gatherings are held regularly, so if you're interested, please call our Defence Family Caseworker - on (02) 9528 2933 Ext 120 - who will share location and times.

Our Defence Family Worker is also in attendance at these sessions so it's easy to make an appointment to talk to her privately if you have a specific situation you'd like help with. 

Family workers can assist with a range of support options to address

  • feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, concerned or alone,
  • parenting support home and away
  • relationships (including partner absences, domestic violence or safety concerns),
  • social isolation,
  • concern regarding children’s development or behaviour, financial problems,
  • challenges with drugs or alcohol, and/or mental or physical health issues.

A Family Worker can help advocate on your behalf if you need help from Government departments and other local services, and support you with issues unique to military life such as managing deployment, family member absence, and regular relocations.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!