The Family Co. are pleased to present the free information session for women who have experienced domestic violence to understand their options and support available. The 2 hour session includes information on the Family Law Court and alternatives like mediation. It includes guest speakers from a Family Law Solicitor and a Family Dispute Resolution practitioner.

Have you ever wondered what happens when your ex….

  1. Won’t allow the house to be sold?
  2. Tells you that you will never see the children again?
  3. Spends all the joint finances?
  4. Refuses to complete necessary paperwork for FL court?
  5. Puts all joint finances in the children’s accounts?
  6. Hides most/all of his income?
  7. Won’t pay child support?
  8. Won’t stick to court appointed pick up and drop off times for the children?
  9. Wants to constantly change court appointed childcare time frames?
  10. Refuses to return children at the court appointed times?
  11. Feeds the children unhealthy food and lets them stay up all night?
  12. Refuses to given children necessary medication?
  13. Exposes children to inappropriate TV/social media?
  14. Leaves children with unknown friends/family members when they are supposed to be with him?

 This session answers these questions and more.

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