Jade Lindsay joined SSFS in 2017 as the Project Manager for the Domestic Violence Toolbox Talks program, which is a nationally available primary prevention and bystander intervention program for the workplace.

Jade holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and is passionate about helping to create a safer community for all, by engaging men in a constructive and positive discussion about domestic and family violence.

As the Team Leader and Project Manager, Jade looks after both content development and delivery of the Toolbox Talks program, and manages the relationships with partners in providing these services. She manages a group of dynamic and engaging trainers who travel around NSW to deliver the program on jobsites and workplaces.

Jade revels in the opportunity to develop partnerships with private companies and other services, as well as members of the community not otherwise connected to our sector. These relationships support our practice, provide encouragement as we promote one another’s view for a safer community and give us a dynamic and responsive position to work from to raise a real challenge to violence.

I love that my job takes me to new places and brings me into contact with new people all the time.  By engaging with people from outside our sector I have developed a more comprehensive understanding about how to work with men to address violence against women and children, and also how to support men who are facing challenges themselves.  

Jade knows the importance of the work her and her team do, and takes great satisfaction from genuine engagement from training participants.

There are days when the work we do is very challenging but it is worth every minute because we know that we are reaching men who would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about what drives violence against women and children in our society. Men who subsequently, we could not necessarily count on to take a stand against it. When I look around the room in a session and can see the realisation cross their faces, and the reality of what we face, what their children will face, settle on them, I know we have another voice we can count on.

 To learn more about the Toolbox Talks program and the work Jade and her team do, visit the Toolbox Talks page on our website.

Toolbox Talks for the Construction Industry