We help when women, children and families are at their most vulnerable.

It might be with something as simple as helping parents learn skills to help them raise their families, or better connect with their children, Or it could be something much heavier. Sometimes their lives are at stake, and they are looking to rebuild their lives after leaving a domestic violence situation where their physical or mental safety has been at risk.

Many of the families we work with are impacted by trauma, violence or disadvantage. Their lives have not turned out how they hoped, and they need help to heal, grow and thrive. We walk alongside them during this time to help them feel supported and valued. We exist because we believe all families and children should have the opportunity to grow up in safe homes, with strong connections and thrive in life.

Whatever amount you can give will be put to immediate use to transform the lives of many families through a myriad of support options, where ever the need is greatest.

On behalf of the women and children that our service helps, our heartfelt thanks for your donation.