Every week at Djanaba, there are new experiences, fun and learning activities that foster curiosity and kindness amongst the children. With a high quality, broad educational program, children learn while having fun, exploring their interests and being challenged with new tasks.

Last week, the topic of Australian Animals sparked particular joy, with the children learning about koalas, kangaroos and other native animals. Through play based activities such as games, art, storytime and outdoor play, the children were given a range of experiences that grew from their own interests on this theme. The more they learned, the more questions were generated, which gave our Educators an opportunity to talk about  things like where specific animals live, what they eat, how mothers look after their babies etc. The children enjoyed making Kangaroo art works, particularly using bark and gum leaves as materials in this task.

Our imaginative play included Community Services dress ups such as Policemen and Firemen as we talked about how these people help us in the community and what important jobs they have. Of course, dancers and princesses are favourite dress up themes as well amongst our group!

During music and movement, we started to learn a new song ‘Hello from around the world’ We had lots of fun trying to say ‘Hello’ in different languages. This is an extension from The book ‘Whoever You Are’ that we read last week, about how we may look different, but our hearts and smiles are the same. We also sang a new song together called ‘Let’s Be Kind’ . Activities such as these help us achieve our Learning Outcomes of having the children interact with each other with empathy and respect.

Our outdoor program included trolleys and street signs. Through these activities, children learn about taking turns, sharing, having patience on the roads, and how pictures on signs communicate important messages to drivers and pedestrians. We start to learn road safety through these simple role play activities. The trolleys allowed the children to go (imaginary) "shopping" and then make "delicious meals", served up from the sand pit using the pots, string spoons, fry pans and saucepans. It is truly wonderful to see children developing their own recipes, and working industriously and co-operatively to an outcome. Many were very proud of what they served, and the Educators were quick to give them positive feedback about how delicious it all was!

The children also showed a lot of interest in reading and doing puzzles so while we enjoyed the fine weather, a reading station was added to our outdoor set up as well. Having the opportunity to take their favourite book outside and read at the picnic table brought excitement and delight. These activities allow children to develop their sense of self, have some self-soothing quiet time, and explore their interests through books. 

We hope those families that visited Djanaba last week heard all about these many wonderful experiences. For those that are thinking of using our Occasional Care service, you can be assured for the highest standard of care, along with fantastic fun during your child's visit. There is always lots to talk about afterwards, and we hope the newly sparked curiosity in your child continues into their daily routines at home as well!

Note: While we also have a lot of photos of children enjoying our programs, we only share those images with parents via children's portfolios, unless we have express permission to share images. We encourage any parent interested in our Service to make an appointment with our Director to inspect the facility before enrolling their child.