A Family Support Worker provides assistance to families facing difficult circumstances who would benefit from additional support.

Family workers aim to provide a safe environment, assist families with strategies which will enhance parent/ child relationships and help parents gain confidence in their parenting skills, as well as strengthen a family’s supportive connections and social networks.

Some of the ways our family support workers may be able to assist include:

  • Listening to you and helping you to clarify your concerns, assess options, set goals and make decisions

  • Assisting you to understand who else may be available to help

  • Advocating and supporting you with Government and Non-Government agencies including Centrelink, housing, education, Police and community organisations.

  • Talking to you about the things that are working well within your family

Families can self refer, or may prefer to have a professional or family member make the referral on their behalf. 

Why get help from a Family Support Worker?

Families come to The Family Co for a number of reasons. 

These include:

  • Support with a new baby – sometimes parents feel overwhelmed, stressed, concerned or alone,

  • Relationship issues, including domestic violence, and want to keep the family safe,

  • They can have concerns regarding their children’s development or behaviour,

  • There may be financial problems,

  • Housing Issues,

  • Isolation,

  • Challenges with drugs/ alcohol

  • Mental or Physical health challenges, and

  • Families requiring assistance when dealing with government departments.

Would you like help from a Family Worker?

How do Family Support Workers practice?

Family Support workers keep up to date with the latest information, training and research to better support children and families. They work to raise awareness within the community about the issues which are impacting on children, young people and their families.

Family support workers

  • Provide a flexibile, friendly and caring approach to working with your children and family

  • Are respectful of you, your children and your family

  • Understand that every family is unique and has different needs

  • Help you find ways to feel more connected with your children, family and community

  • Be sensitive to your culture, respect your choices, give you time, be flexibile and transparent, without judging you