From Chaos to Calm

Raising strong families isn't easy for anyone. It's normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain at times, and to need help and support. At The Family Co., we can be the stable, supporting hand to help caregivers with their families. We provide reassurance and skills, and help caregivers develop focussed goals to achieve their vision for their unique family. 

We believe that emotionally healthy children thrive best with a strong attachment to the caregiver.

Here is an overview of the Child, Youth, Family and parenting support services that the Family Co. offers:

To empower young people, their families and communities, we’ve developed programs across a range of areas:

  • Support Groups and education programs that encourage confidence, emotional regulation, build resilience and strengthen family relationships.
  • School based Education Programs around key topics of healthy relationships, consent, sexual assault prevention and domestic & family violence awareness.
  • Parent education programs to help parents increase understanding of adolescence and equip them with practical skills and strategies to improve communication and strengthen their relationship with their child.
  • Youth & Family Case Management that provide emotional support, advocacy and information.
  • Community based activities and programs.

Through these services, we help young people and their families navigate issues such as:

  • Family relationships and conflict
  • Peer relationships and school difficulties
  • Family and/or Relationship Violence
  • Education and Employment
  • Accommodation
  • Legal Issues
  • Alcohol & other drug abuse/support
  • Mental health challenges
  • Sexual health & sexuality
  • Social skills and self-confidence.