It's been quite a year!

Every October, we release our Annual Report and deliver a service showcase to the Community, usually as part of our AGM, about the work we have done over the last year, and the number of people we have helped.

This year, the format for that showcase looks a little bit different. Instead of our showcase in person, we have put together this video, where some of our staff present their highlights, show pictures and videos of their work and talk about the achievements of our organisation.

We're so proud of the amazing team at SSFS who work to improve the lives of other people every day. We exist because we believe that all children and families should have a safe home, strong connections and opportunities to thrive in life. Every program we run, group we hold, or activity we do, is dedicated towards achieving this goal.

This last year, we have helped thousands of local families, women and young people through the many programs and services we provide. It is our privilege to share their journey with them, and provide support, guidance and advocacy as needed.

You can also download and read our annual report here.

We're also pleased to share our President's & Treasurer's Report for the year.

And also are proud to share the update on our Reconciliation Action Plan from our Board Member, Julie West.

We hope you are inspired by our work.

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