The Family Co. today announced that to celebrate the upcoming National Families Week, they will be hosting a Family Picnic Challenge on the weekend of May 15 and 16, 2021.

We are challenging all families (or friend groups) to have a picnic – either in their local park or in their own backyard and enjoy spending time together, without the distraction of devices, work, or other activities. Families can choose when and how to do this.

As part of this challenge, the Family Worker team has collaborated on developing the "Ultimate Shire Picnic Guide (e-Book)", with ideas on how to have a great picnic - where to go, what to pack, etc. The local charity is asking for a donation of $10 to their service to participate in the Picnic Challenge, and when you sign up, you'll automatically be emailed the Picnic Guide e-book for you to download and use. The Family Co. has even connected with some local Shire caterers who can pack your picnic for you, and by purchasing their Family Picnic Challenge boxes, they will also donate $10 to The Family Co.. so it's a win-win!