We were thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day last week with 30 local businesswomen at a waterside luncheon at Blackfish Café at Como to promote the work we do in the community.





At this event, CEO Ashleigh Daines announced the creation of two $500 Family Co. scholarships - one to go to a current or former client to empower them to achieve their education or career aspirations, and another to go to a local high school student (aged 16-18 years) who demonstrates social awareness and community leadership. 

“With our first scholarship, which will go to a current or former client, we are extending the education and career support we already provide, by allowing a client to use the funds to further invest in themselves. We know when women leave domestic violence, they are often concerned more about their children than themselves, and continue to put their own aspirations on hold to ensure their children are safe and settled. So many clients postpone undertaking further study, or even trying to get a better job, because of a lack of financial resources, or prioritization of their child’s goals over their own.  But we also know when a mother is thriving the whole family succeeds, and by investing in women in this way, we are ensuring the success and sustainability of the whole family. While our financial support packages often cover educational essentials for children, this scholarship is the first time we’re delivering targeted help in this manner.” Ashleigh said.

“And our second scholarship is for a young person in our community aged 16-18 years who demonstrates a high level of social awareness and leadership within their school or community, and is actively working to promote women in the community. We believe that the power of youth brings energy, passion and unique problem solving and we want to encourage young people to stand up in the community and actively work towards change. We are accepting nominations from schools, parents or students themselves. "

Only young people aged 16-18 years are eligible to apply.  Applications are now open and nominations close on 28th April. To nominate an exceptional young person, please go to https://www.thefamilyco.org.au/youthscholarship  The successful awardee will be notified on 8th May 2023.