Domestic and Family Violence Awareness & Prevention Month is held each May to raise community awareness of the social and personal impacts of domestic and family violence and the support available to those affected.
The key aims of the month are to:
* raise community awareness of domestic and family violence and its impacts;
* promote a clear message of no tolerance of domestic and family violence in our communities;
* ensure those who are experiencing domestic and family violence know how to access help and support;
* encourage people who use abuse and/or violence to take responsibility for their abusive behaviour and seek support to change.
The Sutherland Shire Domestic Violence Committee has produced a local Domestic Violence Guide to help Sutherland Shire residents. You can download a PDF Version here.
This resource is a great read to get a better understanding of what domestic violence is, how you can help as an active bystander and support person, and provides a directory of local services to help families impacted.