If you've been challenged, show your support for women & children impacted by domestic violence, and commit to do your bit to stop violence against women.

By posting your challenge video on social media with the hashtag (#standuptodv) and donating here, you're helping SSFS provide support to women and children of the Sutherland Shire who are impacted by domestic violence.

1. Do 5 Laydown/ Standups (No Hands!)
2. Donate $5 to SSFS
3. Tag and Challenge 5 mates
Not sure what a laydown/standup is? Ok.. Do this.
1. Lay down on your back, legs straight, with your hands crossed over your body touching your shoulders
2. Without using your hands, do a sit-up motion 
3. Without crossing your legs, and still not using your hands, stand up.
4. Now do that 4 more times..
This is a great exercise for core strength and balance... and is much harder than it looks!
Give it a go, and have some fun with it!
#StandUpToDV #SSFS