Respectfully Curious is a newly introduced weekly support and social group for LGBTIQ+ young people and their allies to come together to talk, learn and be their authentic selves in a safe, inclusive and respectful space, without fear or judgement.

Held weekly on Tuesdays at EDYS during schools terms, and co-facilitated by EDYS staff along with Accredited Specialist LGBTIQ+ Counsellor Kelly Sweeny, the group explores issues facing LGBTIQ+ young people, exploring various topics such as boundaries and healthy self-talk, self-confidence and resilience, which when learnt at a younger age can reduce the risk of complex trauma, and promote significant lifelong mental health benefits.

The group aims to support healthy relationships, identify boundaries and build self-respect while supporting and empowering young people to establish these within their life. Personal boundaries are important for everyone, however the LGBTIQ+ community often faces additional challenges with invasive curiosity and personal safety. Respectfully Curious aims to assist young people to develop strong self confidence in identifying and applying boundaries in order to encourage strong mental health, through the facilitation of this program.

Respectfully Curious is a completely safe space for LGBTIQ+ young people and their friends and allies to attend, ask questions, vent frustrations and more. No topic is off limits, and information provided is real, researched, and supportive.

If you have a young LBGTQIA+ person in your life, whether they're struggling or not, this is a wonderful support group that is available to help them get answers they need, and the confidence to live their lives authentically.

Call EDYS on (02) 9548 2734 for more information or to ask any questions before attending the group.