Toolbox Talks

Watpac Project Manager

In a short Toolbox Talk Jade and her team are readily able to engage attendees and communicate the important theme and provide practical guidance on how to identify and curb DV amongst our family and peers. ..I have personally found the content to be of great benefit to our sites, workers and their families as it provides context, perspective and skills that are universally relatable. The cost and time impact to run training is immaterial, particularly in context of the potential of saving relationships, families or even lives which may result from implementing this simple an effective initiative. 


Sutherland Shire Family Services has engaged in an extensive consultation process with our project and development teams to build a program that is well suited to the construction industry. PAYCE believes in the potential of this program to bring about significant progress in the area of domestic and family violence and as such, has committed to supporting Toolbox Talks

 Deicorp Safety Manager

From the response and feedback from the workers the positives far outweighed any negatives and I could not recommend their services any higher. Their genuine caring presenters add a dimension of compassion and understanding that is truly a breath of fresh air.

And Feedback from participants is overwhelmingly positive..