The Family Co. is pleased to partner with a number of legal practices supporting women experiencing domestic or family violence. Upon request of the client, The Family Co. can refer them to legal services for a free initial consultation. The Family Co. will facilitate the booking of a client appointment with the legal practice for this consultation which will be held on-site at The Family Co. 

The initial consultation consists of the legal service assessing the potential legal options available to the client and offering one-off legal advice. If any future legal work is required, arrangements can be made between the client and the solicitor and would be at cost to the client. After the initial consultation, the client is under no obligation to continue legal support with that, or any, legal services. The legal services participating in this support are under no obligation to continue pro bono work beyond the initial consultation.

The Family Co. will be part of the referral & appointment making process only, and information exchanged with the legal service is not shared with The Family Co.

The Family Co. have no sole affiliations with any of the legal services involved. If the client would prefer alternate legal advice, The Family Co. will assist them in accessing other legal support.

We thank the legal services below for partnering with The Family Co. to provide this invaluable support to the community and recgonise the significant difference that the provision of these free initial consultations make to individuals experiencing domestic and family violence in our local communities.