The BRIC program supports families who have experienced domestic violence to reduce the impacts of trauma and build resilience. We work with safe caregivers and their children over a period of up to 8 months to rebuild a secure attachment between them.

We help caregivers understand how children are impacted by domestic violence and why they may see symptoms continuing even when the family is physically safe. We assist parents to learn the skills to create an emotionally safe environment and to understand that children heal within secure and caring relationships.

The program draws from attachment theory, neurobiology research and trauma informed practice to inform the early intervention, child focused approach.

What is involved in completing the BRIC program?

The program involves a therapeutic parenting group called "Healing Connections", a series of family group sessions called "Building Resilience" and individual counselling sessions held alongside, to provide a supportive environment to learn the material and individual support to process the learning and focus on individual family needs. Children are invited to the family sessions focusing on emotional regulation, and engaging in enjoyable therapeutic activities with their caregivers.

BRIC School Outreach Program

The BRIC team are available to support local schools and the community by offering a variety of presentations and education workshops, delivered in community settings. These could include:

  • A one-hour presentation to teachers on the impact of trauma on children and suggested resources for classroom use,
  • A four Session parenting program Building Resilience in Children which covers highlights from our parenting program (to be delivered on school site or online),
  • Up to five children’s sessions with therapeutic activities to promote an understanding of what happens when we lose control of our emotions and self-regulation strategies (aimed at a small, targeted group).

If you are interested in these outreach services, please contact the BRIC team on (02) 9528 2933 or email us at [email protected]

What do people who have completed the BRIC program say about the experience?

“They are all so understanding and took the time to listen to our concerns and struggles and always asked about me. I found it a positive empowering experience. Made me feel more confident in myself as a parent.”

“I feel I understand a lot more about reasons behind my child’s behaviours, I liked how it was broken down to easily understand.”

“I loved doing this program. I wish I could do more. From doing the program I understand my sons’ needs better, and that the kids will be upset when they come back from seeing their Dad, but I understand why and let them have their space. After that we have really good days together.”

Our BRIC Program is generously supported by the Big Sister Foundation, who have donated substantial funds to support the running of the program until end of 2024. We thank Big Sister for their support of us, and the Shire Community, through this contribution to our service.

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