Danielle is the Aboriginal Family Services Team Leader and is a proud Aboriginal women from the Yuin and Worimi Nations on the South and North Coast of NSW.

Danielle has worked for The Family Co. for over 13 years and co-ordinates Koori Kids Playgroup, Little Koori Thinkers homework group and is the team leader for the Aboriginal Family Worker Project.

Danielle is passionate about working alongside the local Aboriginal community to support and strengthen the best outcomes for families. Aspiring to restore equality and reduce the gap in living standards and over representation in out of home care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. She embraces collaboration with other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Services to assist families.

Danielle celebrates and acknowledges the strength, resilience and the spirit that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people retain and recognises the importance of providing services that are delivered from a culturally safe space and welcoming and respectful for our first Australians.